When is Jio Phone Next Booking Date?

When is Jio Phone Next Booking Date? Official Announcement for Next Booking date of JioPhoneand Jio Phone 2nd Phase Mobile Booking. Jio Phone Pre Booking Will Start Soon. Jio Phone Second Phase Booking is about to start soon.

When is Jio Phone Next Booking Date?

Are you looking for the date and eager to know when will be Jio Phone Next Booking Date? If it so, then you don’t need to move anywhere you are here at the right where you can get the complete details of next pre-booking Jio mobile

As we know both offline and online booking of Jio phone has been stopped as the case is the huge demand order has been booked and many are still waiting for the next pre-booking date of Jio Phone. Everyone got in surprised after hearing the fact that Jio has stopped taking of Pre-book ordering of phone and they can’t do any booking of Jio phone anymore. But this is not the end, Jio Phone Next Booking Date is yet to start soon from the end of the first week of September 2017.

What is the Jio Phone Next Pre Booking Date?

September, 4-8 days at the end of the first week the Pre-booking process is yet to start again and officially is yet to confirm by Reliance owner, Mukesh Ambani. Once it is confirmed officially in the next conference which is going to hold it soon and you don’t need to worry about the procedure about the how to do next pre booking of Jio phone as here in this article, you can find the complete details of booking of jio phone after the pre-booking starts again.

How to book Jio phone when Pre-booking of Jio phone start again?

There will be like two methods once the date is confirmed in the next conference. So be ready by knowing the two different methods you can be easily pre-booked Jio phone by the next second and you can stand as the first to buy Jio phone. So it is better to know Jio Phone Next Booking Date and get to know the procedure to be the first person to buy Jio phone at all the time

Online booking method for the next arrival of Jio Phone date:

  • Download MYJIO app and registered with a Jio if you are not a Jio member
  • Then open the app after downloading and installing from the play store.
  • Now, here you can be the first one to get the Jio handset mobile. Open the app, search for Jio mobile 1500
  • Jio Phone Next Booking Date may get you an excited offer and discount this time as it is yet to confirmed by the Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani
  • So deposits Rs 500 and get exciting offers and discount in the account of you. What else you are looking for, just get Jio Phone in the next pre booking and will be the lucky to get more surprises.

    Offline booking method for the next arrival of Jio Phone:

    • Just you need to enquire and submit the name, number and email ID to the support person of jio in Reliance Digital Mart
    • So search nearby Reliance Digital mart and submit the details to him/her saying to order pre-booking Jio phone


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